Help Wanted: We need a graphic for Europa

Europa is fast approaching.   To help promote the Europa release, I would like to create a graphic that we can use on and others can use on their web site.   My graphic capabilities are very limited at best; in fact my four year olds can now draw better.  🙂

Therefore, I’d like to solicit help from the Eclipse community.  If you would like to help and have some graphical talent, I’ve open a bug to collect ideas.

3 Responses to Help Wanted: We need a graphic for Europa

  1. How about offer some swag or something as a prize for the winner?

    There is a lack of incentive here, come Mr. Marketeer 😉

  2. ianskerrett says:


    I was assuming the fame and satisfaction of contributing to the Eclipse community would be enough. 🙂 However, I am sure I can arrange for some Eclipse SWAG.

  3. Roman Strobl says:

    How about using this picture? It’s the picture of Jupiter’s Europa moon, obtained by Voyager 2 in July 1979.

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