Eclipse Live Beta

We have finally launched a beta of Eclipse Live. The idea of Eclipse Live is to 1) provide a single source for all the multi-media content related to Eclipse, ie podcasts, webinars, screencams, etc. and 2) provide a way for people to identify the great content and share their feedback through comments and voting.

We want to solicit content from the entire community, therefore anyone can submit content. We only ask that it has to be about an Eclipse project or Eclipse based product. This means if you have an upcoming webinar about your commercial Eclipse based product, we would like to help promote it on Eclipse Live. If an Eclipse project has a demo or screencam about their project, please feel free to submit it.

Eclipse Live will also be used to promote the Eclipse webinar series. To make it easier for people to keep track of upcoming webinars, we have setup an rss feed that will be used to announce any upcoming events.

We also want to encourage people to comment and vote on the content. If you listen to a podcast or webinar and like it, please take the time to enter a comment and rank it. To leave comments and vote, you will be required to login but we have tied it to bugzilla, so no need for yet another username/password.

As I said, this is a beta, so we want to hear your comments. Let us know what you like/dislike and any bugs you might find. Next week we will start promoting Eclipse Live from the home page, so I am hoping to iron out any of the major problems before then.

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  1. I want to. There’s a link for submitting your own resources. Try it and make sure you let us know if any part of it needs to be fixed (I just noticed something, so I’m curious to see if you see it too).

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