No NetBeans Girls at EclipseCon

Much to my dismay, it looks like Jonathan Schwartz has denied us the opportunity for a return engagement of the NetBeans Girls. Roumen was kind enough to make a plea for us to his management but came back with a rather lame excuse; they actually want Eclipse to pay for them?

Sigh, I hope this doesn’t mean the Sun marketing machine is losing its gusto. Roumen, please tell me Sun has some witty marketing stunt awaiting for us at EclispeCon.  It just won’t be the same.  🙂

4 thoughts on “No NetBeans Girls at EclipseCon

  1. Sorry, no marketing stunt this year. We are working on more important things (like Ruby support better than in RadRails, Swing databinding, new editor which beats Eclipse and some other things). It’s not that we wouldn’t have enough creative ideas – we had some very good ones, but we focus our energy on NetBeans. Enjoy EclipseCon!

  2. Yes, it is indeed broken, but that is expected, because the changes are large. Quality will go up in future milestones. I’m sure it will be good at the time of Java One 🙂

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