Getting ready for EclipseCon

The week before EclipseCon is typically for me the second busiest week of the year; the busiest being EclipseCon. Most of my time is spent preparing for the press; although in previous years I’ve also been responsible for the exhibitors but this year Donald has done a great job.

I am happy with the way our press releases have turned out. We are doing three releases on Tuesday:

  1. A release announcing the winners of the Eclipse Community Awards.
  2. A release that essentially aggregates all of the press releases being put out by our member companies. I’ve counted over 20 press releases from member companies, so look out for lots of Eclipse news.
  3. A release that highlights the RAP, ATF and DLTK projects. Ajax and dynamic languages are pretty hot these days and we are lucky to have 3 interesting projects in these areas. RAP just released their m2 release and Innoopract has just made available a pretty timely demo for those people attending EclispseCon. Wayne has been doing some blogging about ATF. DLTK is probably one of the most underrated projects at Eclipse. Xored is leading the project but Cisco is heavily contributing to help develop a world class Tcl IDE. DLTK is also working on a Ruby and Python IDE. All three project should be interesting to watch.

We have also scheduled a press conference for Tuesday of EclipseCon. Anyone with a press and analyst pass can attend; the room will only fit so many people but I will try to post the slides. The plan is to talk about the importance of OSGi and Equinox, plus the above releases.

EclipseCon is also a time for interesting new project proposals. For those who want to keep up on the latest new proposals, I highly recommend monitoring the Eclipse Review RSS feed. Check out the two proposals that were put out in the last couple of days. Take a look at the companies that are proposing to lead these two projects. Great to see new companies looking to Eclipse as being a community for developing open source software.