Bring Back the NetBeans Girls

There seems to be some uncertainty regarding a return visit of the NetBeans Girls to EclipseCon 2007. Not to leave things to chance, I thought it might be appropriate to write a petition to Jonathan Schwartz requesting that they attend EclipseCon 2007. If you agree, please ‘sign’ the petition by leaving a comment or if someone wants to start a bugzilla entry, feel free. Anonymous comments will not be counted but please feel free to use a pseudonym.

Open Petition to Jonathan Schwartz, Sun CEO

Dear Mr Jonathan Schwartz

We the undersigned, concerned members of the Eclipse community, request that you guarantee a return visit of the NetBeans Girls to EclipseCon 2007. Given the recent cuts to the Sun workforce, we are concerned the they might have been declared non-critical to the success of Sun. We the undersigned, feel the NetBeans Girls are critical to the success of NetBeans and must return to EclipseCon 2007.

In addition, we request the aforementioned NetBeans Girls provide the conference attendees free water and NetBeans CDs. Last year, the water was essential for the conference attendees to recover from late night BOFs and parties. The NetBeans CD also proved to be an excellent coaster for our beer. Failure to provide these two essential elements may have a detrimental effect on the success on NetBeans and EclipseCon. In fact, if you don’t mind using your new found money, free coffee in the morning would also be grateful.

In conclusion, the NetBeans Girls must return to EclipseCon 2007. However, if they can’t attend, can you please send Roumen and Tim; they seem like fun guys to hang-out with.

Committee To Have the NetBeans Girls Return to EclipseCon

13 thoughts on “Bring Back the NetBeans Girls

  1. Indeed, they are missed, I’m more disappointed that I didn’t get my photo with them last time.

  2. Well, Netbeans is doing well quite well on its own now… I’m sure that Eclipse’s market share is going down every month… you have better things to think about than the Netbeans’ girls…

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