Meet the Award Nominees at EclipseZone

The guys at EclipseZone (Alex and Daniel) are going a great series of interviews with some of the different Eclipse Awards nominees. I really enjoy reading each interview; if you haven’t seen them check them out. Also don’t forget to vote for you favourite nominee, deadline is February 16, 2007.

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Larry Isaacs: Top Committer Award Nominee

David Michonneau: Top Commiter Award Nominee

Michael Valenta: Top Commiter Award Nominee

Mik Kersten: Top Committer Award Nominee

Chris Aniszczyk: Top Ambassador Award Nominee

Thomas Watson: Top Committer Award Nominee

Ed Merks: Top Committer Award Nominee

4 thoughts on “Meet the Award Nominees at EclipseZone

  1. Ian, don’t you think it is unfair to post subset of the candidates?

    Same as for the tracks selection for EclipseCon, users been asked to prepare tracks before session schedule been finalized. Does that make sense?

  2. Eugene,

    I tried to include all that were listed on EclipseZone. I haven’t spoken to Alex or Daniel about their plans to cover everyone. I just think it is great they are doing it.

    Please feel free to add links or comments about people that may have been missed.

    btw, not sure what you mean about the track selection? A conference program often does n’t get 100% finalized up until the event. There is always late breaking stuff. I am sure you can update tracks if you like.

  3. Ian, I agree with Eugene. We were planning on posting a summarised post with links to all of them when we’d finished, so that the full set of people who’d sent us replies (including Eugene) could be put up against the other.

    Would you mind removing these links (for now) from this post, and then once we’ve got them all up, put them back in? We’re doing them in random order, and I’m not sure that it is good to provide a subset at this stage.

  4. Alex,

    Do you have a url for a landing page now? I need something to point to from this blog post. This is why I have the links. Without the links, the blog post isn’t really interesting…

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