The birth of Aperi

There is a recent article titled Aperi stalled, dead even? It makes the point that Aperi is now available for download but who is going to use it? Actually a vendor, NetApps, who isn’t supportive of Aperi is asking the question. Gee, could this be some good old fashion PR spin in the works. I guess one good spin deserves another…. 🙂

First, Aperi just had their first milestone release in January, so I think it is a bit too early to be asking who is using it. Actually, I hope no one is using it in their production products since it is not even a 1.o release.

Second, admittedly I don’t follow the storage management market but this type of spin just sounds like the traditional response to a new open source project; ignore it and claim it isn’t relevant. Successful open source projects first produce good code and develop an open transparent community. This attracts users and people who start to incorporate it into products you never imagined. I have seen this cycle for a lot of the Eclipse projects.

Therefore, I think we are really seeing the birth of Aperi. They now have code, so now the real conversation can begin; and the spin can be ignored.