Will Microsoft Start an Eclipse Project?

James Governor started with ‘Microsoft Announces an Eclipse Project‘. Then Steve Wali follows up with his very insightful thought experiement for a Microsoft open source strategy. Part of his strategy is that MS should put Visual Studio into maintenance mode and start an Eclipse C# project. hmmmm…..

I actually think it would be very cool to have a Microsoft lead C# IDE at Eclipse. Lots of Eclipse users, also use Visual Studio. Most of Eclipse users are developing on Windows. There are also Eclipse plugins for MS Team Foundation Server. Why not offer Eclipse users one solution?

Microsoft wouldn’t need to give up Visual Studio; sorry Steve but if I was Microsoft, I wouldn’t give up Visual Studio. However, MS can easily afford the investment in multiple IDEs and the benefits of reaching out to the Eclipse and open source community seem to make this an easy decision? What do you think? Will MS will start and Eclipse project?

btw, interesting post about the differences between Visual Studio and Eclipse. I have seen this sentiment before; Eclipse is a tool built by developers for developers, Visual Studio is more for the drag’n drop crowd.

3 thoughts on “Will Microsoft Start an Eclipse Project?

  1. Well, we are aware that Microsoft has been tracking the CDT project and Eclipse in general. We’ve met guys from there at EclipseCon and even received praise from them on our work on the CDT’s parser. But I’m not sure there’s the demanding business case for them to invest in Eclipse. However, if we could ever get Eclipse to be the equivalent in functionality of VisualStudio, I’m sure they’d be more interested.

  2. You probably mis-state the Linux adoption of Eclipse since it is usually installed from distro repositories.

    If MS ever fundamentally connects Eclipse to Windows, then the beginning of the end of Eclipse has begun, other dis-connected opensource tools will then eclipse Eclipse. The same ill will that Novell garnered with an MS deal will rain down on Eclipse too.

    Don’t let the wolf into the hen house.

  3. Phil,

    You are probably right about the Linux adoption, although a variety of market surveys of the Eclipse user community shows a majority of developers using eclipse for development platform.

    Point taken about MS. It does raise some challenges but I am not sure if the Novell comparison is completely valid. Also, this is the simple fact that since we are an open community, if MS decided they wanted to propose a C# IDE and it follows the Eclipse development process, it is difficult for us to say no.

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