Give kudos to your favourite Eclipse products

Ahti has done a very nice summary of the current nominations for the Eclipse Community Awards Individual awards.   However, don’t forget you can also recognize your favourite Eclipse based product.

Nominations are trickling in, last year 80% came in the last week, but we need a lot more.  Feel free to nominate your favourite developer tool, RCP application or best enterprise deployment.   Deadline for nomination is January 22, 2007.

One thing that surprised me last year was that we did not get a lot of nominations for Best Open Source Development Tool.   Although last year RadRails was definitely a worthy winner; this year I’d like to get a lot more nominations for this category.

3 Responses to Give kudos to your favourite Eclipse products

  1. It would be nice if these had bugzilla entries so they can be monitored.

    Transparency is nice 🙂

  2. Pranni says:

    Will be nominating Googlipse in the open source category soon 🙂

  3. ianskerrett says:


    I thought about making the nominations open but since it is a competition I didn’t want to have other people ‘tipped off’ to what other people are saying in their submissions.

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