Eclipse Swag

A new year means we need to order new Eclipse swag.   Last year we ordered some shirts and fleeces to give out to people that make an extra effort to build the Eclipse community.   We have almost run out so it is time to order more.

I know people have opinions about swag, so feel free to make suggestions here.

7 Responses to Eclipse Swag

  1. Medium sized shirts would be awesome 🙂

  2. Donald Smith says:

    XXXL sized shirts would also be awesome. 😛

  3. also, how about laptop skins?

    I use for my current University of Texas laptop skin. It attracts a lot of attention 😉

  4. ianskerrett says:

    The laptop skins look very cool. However, since people tend to have different types of laptops, I am not sure how we could order in bulk?

  5. Alex Blewitt says:

    +1 (or should that be +2?) for the XXXL shirts. I had to donate mine to the missus last year …

  6. Kim Moir says:

    +1 for t-shirts in women’s sizes. The standard one size fits all t-shirt is not attractive. The recent “eclipse founder” black fleece vests which were ordered in women’s sizes were much appreciated 🙂

  7. ianskerrett says:

    Kim, I definitely hope we continue the trend to order women sizes. Having Lynn on board and doing the ordering should help.

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