Nominations Now Open for the Eclipse Awards

The nominations are now open for the Eclipse Community Awards. Last year, the first year for these awards, the winners were announced at EclipseCon 2006 and they were a great success.

This year we are going with the similar categories for individual and technology awards. The one new addition is a new individual award called the Newcomer Evangelist. This award will go to the person who answered the most questions posted on eclipse.newcomer newsgroup.

The deadline for nominations is January 22, 2007. So if you have a favorite committer, community member or product, now is the time to nominate them.

6 thoughts on “Nominations Now Open for the Eclipse Awards

  1. There should be a parallel nominations for Eclipse Shame awards in few categories, for example: the most annoying Eclipse contributor, most unsupportive Eclipse committer, committer who has the biggest number of won’t fix or resolve later bugs, the slowest adopted Eclipse project. 🙂

  2. Anonymous Eclipse user,

    Hmmm, interesting idea :-). Eclipse is certainly an open community and no one is perfect, so someone could do something like this. Personally, there are some many positive influences in the community, that I prefer to focus on these.

  3. Oh yes, I’m sure I could find a few of them. But might I suggest a corresponding Most Annoying Eclipse User/Bug Reporter, whose name and verbose blog postings strikes fear and revulsion in Eclipse committers? If so, I hereby nominate myself for that 🙂

  4. Isn’t contributor has the same meaning as bug reporter or blogger? If so, then it was already mentioned by our Anonymous friend. But I think this nomination and voting should be done by committers only. So, Alex does not qualify for that, does he? 🙂

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