Eclipse PluginFest

An important success of the Eclipse ecosystem is the diversity of vendors that have created Eclipse-based products and/or Eclipse plug-ins that complement Eclipse-based products. This diversity has provides IT shops and end users a wide selection of options to address their development tool requirements. A challenge of this diversity is to maintain compatibility and interoperability between the different tool solutions.

We have been kicking around the idea of interoperability testing for some time, so I am really excited to announce that we are organizing the very first Eclipse PluginFest. The idea is to bring together a subset of the Eclipse vendor and user community to test for tool interoperability and compatibility.

Eclipse PluginFest will be held January 23/24 2007 in London, UK. The focus is on organizations and users that are building solutions that address the needs of embedded and mobile development. Symbian has graciously agreed to sponsor and host this event. In addition, we expect Wind River, QNX, Lynuxworks, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, ARM and others to participate. If you are interested in participating, more details can be found here.