Two Eclipse Webinars: RCP and Mylar

Next week we are organizing two webinars.

The first will be Mik Kersten, project leader of Mylar, introducing the concepts of the task oriented UI that Mylar adds to Eclipse. This is pretty cool stuff and a great example of the innovation that is happening at Eclipse. If you are interested in attending, the webinar is October 25, go here for registration info.

The second webinar, is Wayne Beaton doing an in-depth RCP demo. The idea is to basically do a code walk-thru of an RCP application. The intention is to help introduce the concepts of an RCP application to those people that are considering using it. This webinar will be held October 26, you can go here to register.

We are actually going to do a series of RCP webinars this Fall. The nice thing is that they are being sponsored by IBM, Instantiations and Palamida. It is great to have their support!