Eclipse Birthday Parties Update

We have had great response to the Eclipse 5th birthday parties. So far we have parties in 21 cities in 10 countries. Take a look at here to see if there is a party located in your city. Feel free to RSVP and take part in the festivities.

btw, we expect to have more cities posted over the next couple of days, so check back early next week.

4 Responses to Eclipse Birthday Parties Update

  1. Deb says:

    What a cool idea. I’m going to see if I can rally up a few folks to go to the Boston one with me.

  2. ianskerrett says:

    Deb, I hope you can make it to the Boston event. I can certainly do an e-introduction to Melinda Wilson from Sybase who is helping to organize it.

  3. […] Eclipse Birthday Parties Update « Ian Skerrett Celebrate at one of the many Eclipse birthday parties in local areas. This sounds cool! Anyone want to go to the Boston one on November 8th at Watch City Brewery? (tags: eclipse, marketing, open source) Posted by Debbie Filed in Links […]

  4. Test says:



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