What type of marketing does Eclipse need?

We are starting to plan for 2007. Part of the process is to identify the key programs we would like to implement during the year and therefore ensure we allocate the budget and resources appropriately. I am putting together a plan for the marketing programs.

Obviously the Eclipse Foundation has modest marketing resources, so I want to make sure we focus on high impact activities. Therefore, I am interested in what people think are the important marketing programs that the Foundation should undertake in 2007.

To give you an idea, in 2006 we used our resources on things like press agencies, trade shows, seminar series in the USA, webinars, podcasts, writing case studies, swag and sponsoring Eclipse community meetings. What else should we be doing to help grow the Eclipse community and spread the word about Eclipse?

4 thoughts on “What type of marketing does Eclipse need?

  1. Anything that causes Word of Mouth to spread Eclipse. It’s more effective than other types of marketing. The best way for this to happen is at conferences or community meetings in my opionion.

  2. Sponsoring a high-profile open-source use of an Eclipse RCP application or OSGi-based tool would be my suggestion. What the open-source community really needs is a tool like Maven, but based on the OSGi architecture; and Apache-type libraries (xalan, commons-net etc.) generating OSGi manifest entries in their build process. After all, Maven’s pretty heavily used in the open-source community at large, and that is the best way of spreading Eclipse nous to people who take it forward to new places.

  3. I was going to selfishly suggest a conference or bar camp sponsorship/attendence in Austin, but I see that Chris has already suggested the more abstract version of that: (even) more grass roots out-reach.

    Have you checked out using and monitoring upcoming.org? I'[ve been using it myself and trying to shuttle people to centeralize “meat world” event broadcasting and promotion there rather than just being distributed out on different sites.

  4. Chris and Cote,

    I agree f2f meetings are important. Hopefully we can have more of them next year. I certainly hope the 5th birthday parties will be a good start.


    I think you suggestions would fall more on the ‘product’ strategy side of marketing. Since we are an open source community I don’t really get involved in trying to direct product strategy. Not to say that your idea is not without merit, it is probably something I would consider as part of ‘marketing’ at Eclipse.

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