Eclipse is turning 5, Help Us Celebrate!

Believe it or not we are coming up to 5 years since Eclipse was first made available as an open source project. It was November 7, 2001, when IBM made available for download the Eclipse project. Lots has happen since and I think this birthday is a cause for celebration.

What best way to celebrate but to have a birthday party. Organizing one big party for the Eclipse community on November 7 would just not work. So we decided to encourage the Eclipse community members to organize local birthday parties. This will hopefully be a great opportunity for you to meet other Eclipse enthusiast in your home town.

There are already birthday parties being organized in Boston, Dallas, Portland, Ottawa, Shanghai and Stuttgart. It would be great to get more parties organized around the world; maybe in places like Toronto, Raleigh, Paris, London, Stockholm, San Francisco, Tokyo, etc. The Foundation is offering to help pay for the cost and help promote the party. Check out the details here.

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  1. Kim Moir says:

    If we were there when eclipse was born, are you offering tickets to a more exciting location than the local party? The releng team is thinking that Shanghai sounds nice 🙂

  2. Hi Ian, great idea,

    but I failed by submitting myself to the Stuttgarts’s party – the mailer deamon don’t like either me or Stuttgart:


    Could you check the mail server setup?
    Thanks and sorry for bothering you 🙂

    And of course congrats to all involved in this great project :o)

  3. Denis Roy says:

    Andrei, I believe the Stuttgart e-mail alias hadn’t propagated across our mail servers yet. Please try again, it should work.

  4. Thanks to webmaster, now it works :o)

  5. i am sure you’ll get other volunteers. but i would be honoured to help with London party.

  6. Alex Blewitt says:

    I’m in for a London-based party too …

  7. […] We have had great response to the Eclipse 5th birthday parties. So far we have parties in 21 cities in 10 countries. Take a look at here to see if there is a party located in your city. Feel free to RSVP and take part in the festivities. […]

  8. ianskerrett says:

    Alex and James, our friends at Symbian are organizing the party in London. You can RSVP to birthday-london@eclipse..

  9. Happy birthday

    With the impending possibility of this site never getting to contain anything else than meese release posts I figured I’d better start writing about something else (although not entirely unrelated).
    Everyone’s favourite IDE (for just about …

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