Case Studies: Using Eclipse RCP for enterprise applications

We have just released 3 more Eclipse RCP Case studies.

The highlight is JP Morgan’s use of Eclipse RCP to build an internal platform for creating banking applications. More than just creating individual desktop applications, they are using RCP to create an generalize platform that all new custom applications can reuse and extend. I really see this as the future for RCP and software development in general. JP Morgan seems to be leading the way.

Not to be overshadow, we also have two other case studies from Nulogy and RPC Software. Nulogy is an ISV that is creating Distribution and Logistics platform for consumer package goods companies. Organization, like Unilver, are using Nulogy’s Eclipse RCP based product to help with their logistics management.

RPC Software is another ISV that has an ERP system for furniture distributors. They are able to use the extensibility of Eclipse RCP to deliver customized versions of their applications in a very cost efficient manner.

It is really exciting to hear how RCP is being used to build and deploy real enterprise applications. I am thankful to the individuals from JP Morgan, Nulogy and RPC Software that shared their stories for these case studies.

btw, I am always looking for other examples that can be used as RCP case studies. If you have deployed a RCP application and you think it would make an interested case study, please send me an e-mail to ian at eclipse dot org.

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