Eclipse and Microsoft: Parallel Universes

Just came across an intersting blog entry from David Beers. He makes a point that a MS concept called Composite UI Application Block (CAB) is very similar to Eclipse RCP. However, for me his comment:

What is funny is that RCP and CAB are obviously “big news” in their respective worlds, yet those worlds are so isolated that I’ve never heard anyone refer to both in the same sentence, much less compare or contrast them.

is very insightful. I agree that the Eclipse and Microsoft developer communities appear to be very isolated. The question is how can we start to build bridges?

7 thoughts on “Eclipse and Microsoft: Parallel Universes

  1. Are we actually interested in building a bridge to competitors that are chasing our technology (note that this is an hypothesis)?

    Note that the comparison is actually not adequate. Last time I looked at it, CAB competed with the org.eclipse.ui and org.eclipse.ui.workbench plug-ins, and it was only one of the many building blocks (among others for configuration, logging, provisioning, etc.) that MS had been putting together in their Smart Client story, story that competes with the RCP one.

  2. From the perspective of ecosystem, your competitor is also in your business ecosystem and both of you want to live in a healthy and productive ecosystem. In the presale period, is it possible to leverage the competitors to nurture the same market, to make the market more mature and to develop more prospective adopters of the similar solution? If yes, so the question is how? I agree with Ian, there should be a bridge and even more. Having said that, I do think there may be a bloody competition, once the market is ready.

  3. This is something I’ve been painfully aware of for a while. I’m a Windows developer who became an Eclipse developer. My reaction is that there is nothing Visual Studio does that can’t be done in Eclipse. As much as I try to get people to work on better Windows support, including C#, for the CDT, I just haven’t gotten any serious interest in it.

    I think the bridge building has to start with the Eclipse community making this a priority. If we could put something together that would be of interest to the Windows community, then I think you see the bridge start to come together. The Eclipse community seems to have an inferiority complex when coming up against Microsoft. We need people to break through that and prove to the world that Eclipse truely is “an open (IDE) platform for anything”.

  4. Pascal and Jihong,

    I was more thinking of building bridges to developers building applications for the Microsoft platform. For me the more people using Eclipse and Eclipse RCP, the better. Yes it might be viewed as being competitive to some parts of MS but Eclipse is also very complimentary to others.


    I’m not sure if it is an inferiority complex or just lack of understanding. I am certainly interested in seeing if we can build the bridges.


    hmmm, not sure if switching to C# is the bridge I have in mind. 🙂

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