Eclipse Marketing Symposium

We are getting ready for the second Eclipse Marketing Symposium on Sept. 20 in Dallas TX. The goal of the symposium is to bring together the marketng and business development professonials of Eclipse Foundation member companies to discuss the best practices of marketing to the Eclipse market. We held the Symposium last year and got great feedback, so we are doing it again.

This year we have a great line-up of speakers and presentations.

  • Michael Goulde from Forrester Research will kick off the sessions by presenting his open source research.
  • Maher Massi from Genuitec will present market research and demographic information about the Eclipse community;
  • We will have a panel discussion on ‘Competing with Open Source Solutions’
  • Alan Zeichick from BZ Media will talk about ‘How to Get Good Press Coverage’
  • Peter Ryce from Adobe will talk about ‘Best Practices for Developer Webinars’
  • Finally a panel discussion on ‘Viral Marketing and Evangelism’

It should be an interesting afternoon. If you would like to attend, please take the time to register here. Just so you know, unfortunately you need to be an employee of an Eclipse member company to attend.

One thought on “Eclipse Marketing Symposium

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