Partnering made easier the Eclipse way

The always insightful James Governor just had an interesting post about Adobe aquiring a company that builds an Eclipse-based Javascript editor. He made an off-the-cuff comment that building Eclipse based software makes M&A a lot easier.

You know I think James has a point but I would also add, building Eclipse based products makes partnering a lot easier too. Case in point, this week at Eclipse World I was getting a demo of OptimalJ from Compuware. OptimalJ is primarily an MDA tool with some UML modeling capabilities. To provide a complete set of diagram editors they also include the MagicDraw UML. Both are Eclipse based so MagicDraw just shows up as a menu item in OptimalJ. Integration made easy the Eclipse way.

Another example at Eclipse World was Genuitec’s announcement that MyEclipse is going to be bundled with Hitachi’s uCosminexus server.

Of course there is also an older example of BEA purchasing M7 and there are many others.

From a business point of view, Eclipse might just be making it easier for partnering and M&A. An interesting trend to watch….

6 thoughts on “Partnering made easier the Eclipse way

  1. That’s exactly what I’m thinking in the embedded space with multi-core development as well. Multi-cores with tools supported by multiple vendors working together thanks to the partnerships enabled by having the common Eclipse framework to build these things.

  2. The RRS newsfeed at PlanetEclipse seems to be broken due to the header of this post. My newsreader (RSSOwl 1.2.2) claims a not declared entity named “A”.
    Original error message:
    Error on line 130: The entity “A” was referenced, but not declared.
    It looks like the header part “M&A” must be correctly encoded, so an xml parser does not get confused.

  3. no question about it, Ian. in fact, the two are linked. it’s common knowledge that IBM is fond of acquiring partners, and in that respect the ease of partnering and then acquiring a firm that’s built on top of the same technical foundation is a huge Eclipse benefit.

  4. What’s up with the feed? All of the articles suddenly report that they’ve all been updated today, including those that you wrote last month. Just look at all of the entries on that’s syndicating your blog feed. That is, unless you both arrived in Boston for EclipseWorld today and are having the tailgate party on the same day …

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