Sun’s FUD About Borland

I think it is really sad to see Sun’s latest marketing campaign creating FUD about Borland. Sun is supposively the steward of the Java community but here they go attacking a long-term supporter and partner of Java. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

It is this type of marketing that gives the marketing profession a bad name with developers. I can only imagine the Sun marketing department is trying to figure out how to make money out of the NetBeans community. I just don’t think they have a clue and this campaign will piss off the JBuilder developer community.

All I can say is that I look forward to the Borland JBuilder release of Peloton. With marketing like this, it should be pretty easy for the Borland DevCo folks to put NetBeans in their place.

6 thoughts on “Sun’s FUD About Borland

  1. The question is, “Do such obvious and fake marketing attacks actually work”? Protect your investment by adopting Netbeans?!?!?!

  2. For some of us Jbuilder users, at least Sun marketing helped us know that there is a migration path to NetBeans. First I’ve heard about it and I’m glad I the message popped in my box. We’re looking at both Eclipse and NetBeans so it was timely. I think you’re just pissed off that you have competition. As a developer, I want choice and having NetBeans AND Eclipse competing is good (keeps innovation going).

  3. I just love comments from anonymous users, especially like comment #2.

    The point is not that Sun’s NetBeans product is competing with JBuilder. Everyone welcomes competition and choice.

    The point is that Sun is attacking its own ecosystem. (See

    Sun purports to be the steward of Java and pretends that it has the interests of the overall Java community at heart. But its actions speak louder than words.

  4. Never said competition wasn’t good but sleazy marketing is revolting. Sun is using its position as steward of Java to stick NetBeans down everyone’s throat. Just ask anyone who was at JavaOne this year. It was obvious and shameful.

  5. Borland is selling off thier JDeveloper tools (which does cause some pause for some developers who are choosing a platform to commit to.) So I dont see anything particularly wrong or underhanded about their saying you can easily migrate to NetBeans.

  6. >> about their saying you can easily migrate to NetBeans.

    There isn’t anything underhanded about saying you can migrate to NetBeans, but the email and webpage is designed to imply that JBuilder’s investment is reducing and to spread fear and doubt… which is totally false and misleading. The fact is that with Peloton, JBuilder based on Eclipse, investment in JBuilder has *increased* and the spinoff is designed to allow the new stand alone company to focus 100% on developers. In almost 10 years Sun has never done anything like that… until JBuilder adopted Eclipse. And if you think for a second that it has to do with the spinoff, the question should be do you think Sun would have ever done something like that if JBuilder hadn’t announced it was embracing Eclipse?

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