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I would like to move my blog off of Basically, I am getting tired of the stale set of features and lately it seems to be pretty unreliable. It really seems like Google has shown limited interest in advancing blogger?

Therefore, I want to move but the question is where? Any suggestions on where to host a blog would be appreciated.

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  1. I am a fan of WordPress, and does provide hosting for it. …though any such free blog hosting sites will always limit the extensions/plugins that you can install. Also, these days it is trivial to setup wordpress on most web-hosting sites (they typically have a wizard that will do the setup for you).

  2. keep me informed Ian… I’ve migrated from wordpress, to blogger… I’m looking for a good service also.

    The worst thing is that the ability to migrate old blog posts is nearly impossible with most services… it’s highly annoying 😦

  3. I used to use JROLLER for my blog at Oracle, and I really liked it, it worked fine. I have to admit that I like Blogger more *when it works*, but I agree that it appears to be getting little attention and is not very reliable.

  4. I’m a big fan of MoveableType but I use them on my hosted site (twice in fact).

    You can get a MoveableType blog at TypePad but I’m not sure if you have to pay for it. I’ve heard very good reviews and MT is solid.

  5. BTW, a disadvantage of moving your blog is that it moves URLs too. The better option is to keep this blog and posts here and maybe have a note on every page (in the templates) and on the last blog post that you’ve moved your blog (with pointer obviously). Then you’ll still have the search engine goodness.

  6. ryan’s right. fact is you really need to host it yourself so you own the domain. how about automattic for wordpress hosting.

    v surprised by zx – that is a pattern i have not heard before. from press to blogger? wow.

    perhaps worth talking to

    nice alignment with Eclipse model – auttomatic specialises in WordPress services. you shoudl be using an open source blog tool and blogger certainly is not that- if it was it would be getting improved.

  7. I’m a big fan of blogger myself. As you know I’ve tried out lots of different blogging software 🙂 . I find blogger to be fast and reliable with zero configuration.

    For alternatives, zdnet would probably take you in, but their system is technologically in the stone age. Eclipsezone uses jive, which is much more than a blogging system and not free but very, very powerful.

    Unless you just like spending hours fiddling with this stuff you don’t want to host your own server and blog software. Been there, done that. One word: spam.

    Maybe it’s time for to host its own blogging software. WordPress is pretty good, open source, and has an active community. I think there’s even an Eclipse plug-in that works with it (and some other blog types). So either that or Jive would be good choices.

    You don’t need to migrate old posts as long as you keep your blogger account here to hold them. Migration is a royal pain, and even after you do it, people still reference your old urls. There’s a reason they call them ‘permalinks’.

  8. Thanks to all for the suggestions. It looks like WordPress has a good reputation; although zx I am curious why you moved?

    Now I just need to find a service provider and figure out how to do the transfer. I use feedburner, so I am not too worried about the url.

  9. WordPress – can’t go wrong. Get your own domain and host it; domains are cheap, hosting’s cheap.. why not?

    There are scripts for importing blogger posts into WordPress too – simple migration.


    zx moved off WordPress b/c his Java mind can’t handle the simplistic beauty of PHP 😉 (that’s what you get for backing out on that burger run)

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