Lotus Notes on Linux and Eclipse

This week IBM announced a new version of Lotus Notes for Linux. Steve Hamm at Business Week did a great write-up that heaps lots of praise on Eclipse. I especially like the quote:

Thanks to Eclipse, IBM was able to produce the Linux version of Notes in just one year–and nearly a year ahead of its original projections. But that’s just the beginning of the savings. Eclipse allows IBM to maintain a single code base for Notes going forward for its Windows, Linux, and, soon, Macintosh versions.

I think it is a great story of the power of Eclipse RCP; a great example of a sophisticated desktop application that runs on both Windows and Linux and, soon, Macs.

6 thoughts on “Lotus Notes on Linux and Eclipse

  1. I’m very excited about Notes moving to Eclipse for another reason.
    Our enterprise has lots of Notes and Java applications, Hanover will provide the perfect platform to integrate the two together (yet another reason one is thankful that one can run Swing apps in Eclipse).

  2. It’s not too shabby now as I’m running it 😉

    Now a whole new set of users can experience the fun of Notes 😉

    What’s neat is how well Sametime integrates with it, live names!

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