Share Your Callisto Experiences

Now that Callisto is out, it is your turn to talk. Tell people what you like and dislike, what are the cool new things, what is the easiest way to get things installed, what projects are you using? Write a blog posting, post something to EclipseZone or leave a comment here.

To make it easier to share your experiences, we have also started a wiki page, which is also accessible from the main Callisto page. Add you link here and everyone will be able to see it. I’ve also started a tag called callisto-blogs, so you can also tag your posting or even tag other posting.

Finally, congratulations to all the projects! Back at EclipseCon, we announced at a press conference that Callisto was going to ship at the end of June. I must admit, I was a bit nervous about such a bold and public announcement but you guys did it! In all my years in the software industry, I have never seen a release of this size, or even smaller, hit their date with such accuracy. You guys rock!

btw, I am out of here on vacation until July 10th. Get to spend a week on the beach playing with my daughters.