Lots of RCP and OSGi news

Beyond the hype/press around Callisto, it has been a good news week for RCP and Equinox.

First, we have made available two new RCP case studies: PlumCanary Chirp and Refractions uDig. In the world of mashups and Google Maps, it is really amazing to see the next level of sophistication, uDig, a rich client GIS platform can provide.

Eric Barroca also announced that their RCP based system is up an running at the AFP. Congratulations to Eric and team.

IBM announced that Sametime was re-being built on RCP. While this might not be new news, it is the first time I have seen IBM talk about allowing Eclipse developers to write plug-ins. It will be interesting to watch an ecosystem of plug-ins develop around Sametime.

Finally, the OSGi Alliance announced that Equinox is one of the first OSGi products to receive R4 certification. There seems to be a lot of interest in OSGi and it is great to see Equinox as a leading implementation. In fact, if I understand it correctly, Equinox is used as the reference implementation for OSGi.

All good news and just in time for my vacation….

One thought on “Lots of RCP and OSGi news

  1. Hello

    Although i appretiate that a lot of big projects are implemented on top of the eclipse RCP framework, i think it is easily overseen, that a lot of small apps are rcp based as well. In my studis at a university i implement all my projects which require more than one window (view) as RCP apps. This is not the majority of students at my uni. actually it is just me 😉

    but what i am trying to say is, that although RCP offers a lot it is also suitable for small apps which just need more than one window to display data. RCP has definitly become my platform of choice when doing gui apps.

    some examples of smaller apps i did with eclipse/rcp can be found here: http://moritzpost.de/


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