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As many people have noticed we issued the Callisto press release this Monday. We have nice received coverage in most major English-language tech-oriented publication. Instead of listing them here, check out my Callisto tagroll. [Note for some reason I can not convince Blogger to allow me to embedd javascript in this post. If anyone knows how to do it please let me know.] Also, if you see additional coverage, especially non-English coverage, please send me a tag via the network, use for:ianskerrett.

A number of people have mentioned they were surprised the press release went out Monday, June 26, instead of Friday, June 30, when Callisto will be available. Certainly in an ideal world we would have done the press release at the same time as the actual release. However, for some reason, unknown to me, the press typically publishes stories early in the week. Therefore, to ensure maximum coverage we issued the press release early in the week. Waiting until after the actual release would have been sub-optimal because 1) it would no longer be news and 2) the week of July 4 is usually pretty quiet for reporters.

btw, I really believe press coverage is just one small part of getting the word out about Callisto. Getting good technical content about the Callisto projects will really drive awareness. This is why we did the webinars, we are also doing a series of podcast with EclipseZone and I look forward to seeing Callisto oriented blog posting. In fact, I have started a Callisto-blogs tag, so if you see any Callisto blogs please send them to me via for:ianskerrett. I am also trying aggregate some posting on the Eclipse wiki, so please feel free to add your own posting.

4 thoughts on “Press Coverage of Callisto

  1. Hi Ian, Stacy from CRN here … the reason we reporters push for planned-in-advance product announcements to go out on Mondays is that even the online publications tend to have ties back to print ones, and those mostly ship to arrive on Mondays. So, if news is embargo’d till later in the week, we usually can’t get it into print when it’s freshest. (We put Callisto in print this week; if key details had been under wrap till Friday, we would have had to only use it online.)

    Anyway. Congrats on the release today 🙂

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