How big is Callisto?

I am starting to prepare the press release of Callisto. By all accounts Callisto is going to be a big release and a great accomplishment for the Eclipse community. Some of the stats I have collected include:

  • Number of commiters: 262
  • Number of projects: 10
  • Number of organizations contributing commiters: 15 (this does not include individuals unaffiliated with an organization)
  • Number of countries where commiters reside: 10 (Canada, US, Finland, Turkey, China, France, Russia, Czech, India, Switzerland) ** Please let me know if I have missed a country.
  • 72,000 bugzilla entries
  • 6 million LOC (This is actually higher since I don’t have stats from DTP, EMF, VE & GEF.)

This seems like a big deal. The question is can we claim that ‘Callisto is the largest single release from an open source project.’ Based on the lines of code, I can’t seem to find a bigger open source project. Linux seems to be about 3-5 million, depending on the sources.

So have I missed something or is Callisto really that big?

6 thoughts on “How big is Callisto?

  1. Ian, you mention 72,000 bugzilla entries. Please note in your press release: This are resolved bugzilla entries.

  2. The Linux kernel itself is probably 3-5 MLOC. I’d agree that an entire distribution, such as Fedora, can be in the 200 MLOC range.

  3. Thanks all for the feedback. I’ve added Austria and Germany to the list and taken note of the bugzilla clarification. To be honest the bugzilla stat seems a bit flacky since it is hard to compare.

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