Different Language Support for Eclipse

With JavaOne coming up, I thought it would be appropriate to remember that Eclipse is much more than just Java. I thought it might interesting to map the Eclipse support of popular computer languages. Based on this ranking of computer languages, it looks like 15 out of the 20 languages have Eclipse support.

  1. Java – I think it is pretty obvious
  2. C – Eclipse CDT
  3. C++ – Eclipse CDT
  4. PHP – PHPEclipse and the Eclipse PHP IDE project
  5. Visual Basic – I couldn’t find anything
  6. Perl – EPIC project
  7. C# – Product from Improve Technolologies
  8. Python – TruStudio
  9. Javascript – there seems to be many, including Web Tools Platform, MyEclipse
  10. Delphi/Kylix – I couldn’t find anything
  11. SAS – nothing; to be honest I have not heard of this language
  12. PL/SQL – seem to be lots of options including jsqleditor
  13. Visual Fox Pro – I am amazed people still use this 🙂
  14. Lisp/Scheme – Schemeway
  15. COBOL – Eclipse Cobol project
  16. Cold Fusion – cfeclipse
  17. VB .Net – nothing
  18. ADA – Aoinix ADT
  19. D – DDT
  20. Ruby – RDT and RadRails

We can also include Fortran, Flex, and I am sure many others. Feel free to leave a comment for any languages that I am missing.

UPDATE: One of the comments pointed at an EclipseCon presentation about different language support. If you are interested in more details I highly recommend looking at this presentation, especially the Excel spreadsheet that provides a summary of support for each language.

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