Linux Distros Working Group

It seems after EclipseCon, good things start to happen in the Eclipse community. For instance at EclispeCon, I met Matt Ryan from Novel SUSE, he was very interested in raising the awareness of Eclipse in the Suse community. Matt, also talk to a number of other people at EclipseCon and in the Linux community. It seems there are a number of people in the wider Linux and Eclipse community that are interested in promoting the usage of Eclipse on Linux distros.

The end results is that people from Red Hat /Fedora, Novell /SUSE, Gentoo, Ubuntu, and Debian have agreed to work together to make it easier to create standardize Eclipse packaging for Linux distros. It is still early days but they have posted a working group proposal here. We are going to start a mailing list to help facilitate the discussions.

I think it is just great news and really appreciate the initiative these individuals are taking.

One thought on “Linux Distros Working Group

  1. I’ve read the proposal, and I agree it’s a very interesting one. I use Eclipse on Linux, and can relate to some of the drawbacks articulated in the proposal.

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