Eclipse RCP Cover Story and Case Studies

Great to see the cover story of the March 31 edition of the 01 Informatique magazine is on Eclipse RCP. Interesting perspective they have taken on Eclipse and Windows. 🙂 I can only find an on-line summary of the actual story. Ralph Mueller sent me a scan of the cover page but if anyone has a link to the actual story, please send it and I will update this entry.

We have also published three new case studies on organizations using Eclipse RCP. The first, keeping with our French theme, is about Nuxeo‘s RCP project at Agence France Presse. The second case study is from our friends in South Africa, Jigsaw Interactive and their work at Compass Group. btw, Jigsaw and Compass also recently won the Best Deployment in the Enterprise award. The final case study is about the City of Stuttgart using iMedic’s Open IT product to modernize the City’s IT procurment systems. Of course all based on Eclipse RCP. 🙂

We are always looking to do more interesting case studies. Feel free to contact me with your ideas at (ian skerrett at eclipse dot org).