Two blog posts on Eclipse and Microsoft

I recently came across two blog postings about Eclipse and Microsoft. The first talking about Eclipse3.1 running on the IKVM.

The second being a bit more contraversial, by Keith Harrison-Broninski titled ‘Eclipse and the end of the Microsoft monopoly‘. Of course it is always nice to see people recognize the importance of Eclipse RCP and Eclipse projects like ECF and Higgins. This is also the second time, in the last couple of weeks, someone has mentioned to me that an Eclipse plug-in to support ODF would be very cool. Is there anyone working on an ODF plug-in?

Looks like Keith and his company is also using RCP for their new project. Looks pretty interesting…

btw, James Governor take a look at where their are located. Seems like there is some innovation going on in the UK. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Two blog posts on Eclipse and Microsoft

  1. There was a plugin that enabled to run inside an Eclipse editor. Does that count? I don’t remember where it can be found though.

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