EclipseCon Demographics

In case you were wondering who is attending EclipseCon, I pulled some numbers from the information we collected at registration time.

Pretty obvious this is a serious technical conference; 75% of the attendees being developers, architects and development managers.

JDT is the project used by most attendees but RCP and the other projects are well represented.
The attendees mainly came from ISVs and Enterprises.

Finally, over 75% of the attendees have been using Eclipse for more than 1 year.

2 Responses to EclipseCon Demographics

  1. Kim Moir says:

    Hi Ian

    Thanks for all the hard work organizing eclipsecon, it was fantastic. I have another demographic question. Due you have any statistics on the percentage of women who attended eclipsecon? I was wondering if it is on par with recent statistics that suggest about 1-2% of people participating in open source are women.

  2. Ian Skerrett says:


    Unfortunately we don’t collect that type of statistic. Although you are the second person to ask me this question, so maybe we should?


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