Blogging party at the Hyatt

Looks like some people are interested in meeting up for an informal blogging party. Chris, Al, Gunnar, Wayne, Martin, Andre are all in. Maybe Ed, and Kim will arrive real late . Anyone else is welcome to join us.

I suggest we meet in the Hyatt lobby lounge, Sunday, 6:00pm; hopefully an easy place to find.

See you there.

6 Responses to Blogging party at the Hyatt

  1. I’m not getting into the airport until 10:30pm on Sunday night. And I think Pookzilla is not getting there until late Sunday as well. Any chance we can have another blogging party later in the week?

  2. Ian Skerrett says:


    Sorry you are going to be miss the Sunday party.

    There has been talk about doing a blogging BOF on Tuesday or Wednesday. I would be up for doing something like that too.

  3. AlBlue says:

    I’m in the area now and will see you there if I can find it 🙂

  4. Gunnar says:

    Thanks Ian for histing this party. It was great to meet all the bloggers in person. 🙂

  5. Walk down memory lane, this one was really great.

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