EclipseCon: A Global Conference

The great thing about the Eclipse community is that it is truly a global community. Taking a look at the countries that will be represented at EclipseCon, you start to get that feeling. In total, close to 45 different countries will be reprsented. Of course a large percentage are coming from the US but it is nice to see that people are coming from as far as South Africa and Australia.

btw, still not too late to register. 🙂

Countries Represented at EclipseCon

Australia Iceland Scotland
Austria India Slovakia
Belgium Indonesia Slovenia
Brazil Iran South Africa
Canada Ireland Spain
China Israel Sweden
Colombia Italy Switzerland
Czech Republic Jamaica Turkey
Denmark Japan United Kingdom
Egypt Korea, South United States
Estonia Mexico Vietnam
Finland Nepal
France Netherlands
Germany Nicaragua
Greece Norway
Honduras Poland
Hong Kong Russia

2 thoughts on “EclipseCon: A Global Conference

  1. Unfortunately the cost of the conference is prohibitive for most people unless they are being sponsored by their employer. Add to that the cost of travelling to California and it gets very painful, especially if you live in Europe.

    The Spring people are holding their conference this year in Antwerp and it costs just 500 euros to register. Fantastic! If they can do it, why can’t Eclipse?

    (Oh, and Belgian immigration doesn’t treat every arriving visitor like a criminal 🙂

  2. Anonymous,

    I agree that it is very expensive for Europeans to travel to California for EclipseCon. We try to keep the cost of the conference as low as possible. I think if you compare the price of EclipseCon with any other US based conference, we are in the low end.

    I am not sure why it is cheaper to run a conference in Europe. A large portion on the EclispeCon budget goes to paying the hotel for food and drinks; something we can’t really control.

    I think the solution is really to do an event in Europe. There are already some Eclipse oriented shows, for instance Eclipse Forum Europe, being help this May.

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