RCP Short and Sweet – Part 2

I am starting to write a press release to announce some project initiatives around RCP. I want to include a short, crisp description of what is RCP. The cool thing about the Eclipse community is that Kim has already started to create a version. I took some of Kim’s ideas and the ideas in her comments to come up with the following. Let me know what you think?

Eclipse RCP is an integration platform for building and deploying rich, full featured applications. The main features of RCP include:

A dynamic runtime component model, based on the OSGi specification, that allow for easy integration and extension of components from different vendors.

The ability to deploy and update client applications from a central server.

A number of frameworks for common application tasks, such as help systems, generic workbench, wizards, etc.

A GUI widget library that allows for applications to natively run on multiple platforms, including Windows, Linux and MacOS.

The ability to work offline and take advantage of the local operating system resources, such as local file system, printing, etc.