EclipseCon Tutorial Registration Numbers

We are in the final 3 weeks of EclipseCon registration. As of last week we had over 900 people registered. This year on Monday, we have 36 tutorials covering a wide variety of topics being offered. I thought it would be interesting to share with you the number of people that have registered for each tutorial.

With the execption of the ”Rich Client Application Development”, all the tutorials still have room, so it is still not too late to register. btw, if you are interested in RCP, there are a couple of other tutorials that you can still attend.

Activity Total
(10) Rich Client Application Development 79
(11) Data Tools Platform Project Tutorial 10
(12) Plug-in Development 101: Anatomy of a Plug-in 38
(13) Graphical Editing Framework Tutorial 37
(14) Foundations of UI Development with Eclipse 25
(15) Introduction to the Eclipse Modeling Framework 27
(16) Extending the Web Tools Platform, Part 1 16
(17) Tutorial: Text Editor Recipes 24
(20) Just Enough Intellectual Property Law to Manage an Open Source Project 13
(21) Adding a New Language to the CDT 11
(22) Problem Determination of J2EE Web Applications Using the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) 17
(23) Assist your users with Eclipse User Assistance 16
(30) Profile your Java application using the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform (TPTP) 34
(31) Aspect-Oriented Programming with AspectJ 14
(32) The Eclipse Debug Framework 19
(70) Designing Eclipse APIs 20
(S1) Agile Application Development with Eclipse and Pragmatic MDA 27
(S2) BEA Workshop for JSF 3.0 Tutorial 18
(S3) An Introduction to the C/C++ Development Tools (CDT) 17
(S4) Crystal Reports for Eclipse 9
(S5) Constructing Web Services using the IBM’s Eclipse-based Software Development Platform 28
(40) Java Web Application Development with Eclipse WTP 21
(41) Advanced UI Development with Eclipse 39
(42) Eclipse Communications Framework 14
(43) BIRT In Depth: Extending and Using the BIRT Framework 28
(44) Building Commercial-Quality Eclipse Plug-Ins 33
(45) Developing Eclipse Rich-Client Applications 42
(46) Extending the Web Tools Platform, part 2 8
(47) Extending the Structured Source Editors from WTP 7
(50) Automated Build Processes for Plugins, Fragments and Rich Client Applications 27
(51) Creating your own Domain Specific Modeler using GMF 45
(52) Advanced Features of the Eclipse Modeling Framework 25
(53) Component Programming with OSGi 26
(60) Eclipse Forms: Rich UI for rich clients 33
(61) Achieving Continuous Integration with the Eclipse Test and Performance Tools Platform 32
(62) Integrating Custom Debuggers into the Eclipse Platform 33

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