Business Objects at EclipseCon

I have the lucky task of being the sales guy for EclipseCon. This means I get to talk to all the companies that want to exhibit at EclipseCon. This year one company in particular, Business Objects (BO), is being a huge sponsor of EclipseCon. Business Objects is new to the Eclipse community and from my experience of working with them, they really want to contribute back to our community.

Besides being a Gold Sponsor, BO has also made a significant contribution to the sponsorship of the Open Source Pavillion. There contribution has allowed us to invite some of our friends in the larger open source community to participate at EclipseCon. Not only are we providing exhibit space, we also provided a scholarship to help cover the cost of travel and living for the open source developers. Donald has already mentioned the details of the Open Source Pavillion.

BO is also sponsoring a tutorial at EclipseCon. This year we have some ‘sponsored tutorials’ which means it is free to attend, unlike the other tutorials that cost money. Their tutorial is called ‘Crystal Reports for Eclipse‘.

BO is also sponsoring the Exhibit Hall reception on Tuesday night and hosting their own reception later Tuesday night, so you can also thank them for the beer and food on Tuesday.

So, thank you Business Objects for your gracious support at EclipseCon.

btw, if you want to know more about what BO is doing with Eclipse, check out their Crystal Reports for Eclipse blog. Seems like an great resource.