Cool Open Source Java Proposals at OSCON

Daniel Steingberg from onJava is looking for some cool open source Java projects to put in proposals at OSCON. Seems like the Harmony and Eclipse proposals are a tad boring; at least to Ruby and Perl folks. Hmmm, those sound like fighting words :-).

Seriously, I think there is a lot of cool stuff going on around Eclipse. Scott how about a proposal on ECF; Paul and Mary what about Higgins; the BIRT guys are doing some cool stuff around reporting and it definitely seems by this summer John Graham and the Data Tools project will be making it a lot easier to build data centric appplications. Of course I think Eclipse RCP is cool, so I’d hope we get a proposal in for that too. Now we could start talking about all the cool things outside of Java; how about parellel development in Fortran; tooling framework for AJAX, etc.

I know I have missed a lot of other things and just reviewing all the submissiosn to EclipseCon, I know there is a lot of content out there. If you are interested, send in a proposal to speak at OSCON.

Daniel, I am sure we can find something that will fit your program. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Cool Open Source Java Proposals at OSCON

  1. Thanks Ian. I would love to see creative Eclipse proposals. I don’t really want to see another “here’s what Eclipse can do” proposal – but the projects you’ve outlined sound like they rock. Maybe we can think about an Eclipse showcase . . .

    Daniel Steinberg

  2. In the work I see, the big limitation is the quality of tools for ruby, javascript, groovy and other dynamic languages.
    Currently there are many partial implementations of javascript in eclipse. none realize the potential of the eclipse tooling. when several projects need to build the same thing and none has the resources to do it right, that suggests the need for a common foundation.

    Good support for dynamic languages, would make eclipse AJAX support killer. Without that support, eclipse will appear to be a complex tool to most AJAX developers.

    My own interests are somewhat different than AJAX, but I could certainly use good JavaScript, Ruby and Groovy support.

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