RCP for server applications

Wolfgang Gehner from Infonoia has posted an interesting article about using RCP/Equinox for server side applications. There are also discussion threads about the article on EclipseZone and The ServerSide.

There seems to be a lot of innovation developing around RCP and Equinox. This is a great example and it will be interesting to see how it develops. Developing server side applications using Eclipse is definitely an exciting idea.

btw, notice Wolfgang is based in Switzerland. I am telling you, Germany and Switzerland are hot beds for RCP.

3 Responses to RCP for server applications

  1. The seconnd largest group of visitors to my RCP blog is from Germany.

  2. Ian Skerrett says:

    Interesting, what country represents the largest group?

  3. United Sattes: 23.5%
    Germany: 13.4%
    France: 7.5%
    China: 6%
    UK: 4.5%
    Canada: 4.3%

    Continents are a different story:
    Europe: 47%
    North America: 28%
    Asia: 16%

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