Participant for an EclipseCon Panel

I am helping to organize an EclipseCon panel called ‘Enterprise Ready: Deploying Eclipse in a large enterprise‘. This panel is part of the business track and the focus is on the management and technical aspects of deploying Eclipse into a large enterprise.

If you know of someone that would be interested in participating in this panel, please send me an e-mail (ian dot skerrett at eclipse dot org). Ideally the participant will be from a large enterprise (banks, insurance companies, government, pharmaceuticals, etc) that has hundreds of developers using Eclipse (or an Eclipse based product) for internal development.

One thought on “Participant for an EclipseCon Panel

  1. You might want to get with the IBM Workplace Management client marketing team. They have many companies that have signed on to deploy the WMC (which is based on Eclipse 3.1).


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