Sun’s Eclipse Plug-in for GlassFish

Kind of cool to see Sun publishing an Eclipse plug-in for GlassFish. Nice to also see them hooking into the new Web Tools 1.0 release and the Dali project.

btw, I was pointed to the plug-in from this blog.

3 Responses to Sun’s Eclipse Plug-in for GlassFish

  1. Roumen says:

    If you liked that, than a websphere plug-in for NetBeans can probably also make you happy. It’s one of the app server plug-ins.

  2. Hey, the GlassFish community’s plugin also let’s Eclipse users deploy their projects to SJSAS 8.1 and SJSAS 8.2.

  3. QuangAnh says:

    Hi, I want to develop a plugin for sailfin. But I can’t find any document on Sailfin’s website that help me. Could you have any suggestion for my problem? Thank you.

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