A prediction and bet for 2006

David Berlind is a respected journalist and probably my favourite blogger at ZDNet. He recently blogged that Eclipse is really on a roll in 2005 and into 2006. But he also suggested that ‘Is it time for NetBeans to finally throw in the towel?’

Tim Bray, noted Sun technologist, took him up on the challenge and suggested a bet for dinner that:
‘So I’ve proposed a bet: we’ll have a nice dinner together first time in ’07 that we’re in the same city. If, at that time, David still thinks that throwing in the NetBeans towel is a good idea, I’ll buy dinner.’

David accepted the bet.

This looks like it is all in good fun and should get the blogshere going. My take, David will win. In 2006, Eclipse will accelerate the momentum that has impressed David in 2005 and David won’t change his mind. However, I don’t think Sun will throw in the towel over NetBeans.

2 thoughts on “A prediction and bet for 2006

  1. While I am an eclipse advocate, there are some things that I see in NetBeans where I would say they have taken a better approach. It seems to me, from a distance mind you, that their product seems to hold together better when it comes to the disparate pieces.

  2. Hello Ian, I just wanted to wish you all the best to the year 2006! I’ll drop by on your booth at Java One with a new NetBeans T-shirt 🙂

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