RIA tools at Eclipse

The really cool thing about Eclipse is that it is a platform for many things. Take RIA tools, it seems a lot of the RIA solutions are basing their tools on Eclipse. For instance, Nexaweb just joined the Eclipse Foundation and based their Nexaweb Studio on Eclipse. Macromedia has already announced their Eclipse based Flex environment. There is even an Eclipse technology project, IDE for Laszlo, at Eclipse.

In the new year, I hope to spend some time better understanding the different RIA solutions. I’m spending a lot of time thinking about Eclipse RCP but I want to better understand how RIA and RCP can interoperate.

2 thoughts on “RIA tools at Eclipse

  1. Scott,

    Thanks for the correction on your history with Eclipse. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with what everyone is doing.

    We should definitely try to talk sometime early in the new year.

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