Eclipse RCP Webinar

Jeff McAffer and Wayne Beaton will be hosting a webinar on Eclipse RCP on Dec. 1, 1:00pmET. We are doing this in conjunction with SD Times. If you are interested in learning more about RCP, feel free to join in and listen.

This is the first time I have organized a webinar at Eclipse. I am hoping it proves to be another effective channel for educating people on the projects at Eclipse. I’d am certainly intested in hearing people’s opinion and experiences on what makes a good webinar.

btw, IBM is also sponsoring a webinar with Erich Gamma on Dec. 8. Check out the details here.

4 thoughts on “Eclipse RCP Webinar

  1. I’d like to view the Webinar, but there is no way to opt out of contact from the sponsors. In the future, please only use sponsors that provide an opt-out option. Thankfully, IBM does provide opt-out for Erich’s webinar.

  2. Anonymous,

    You are correct. I screwed up on not making sure people could opt-out on having their names put on a mailing list. A couple of options:
    1) the webinar will be recorded and we will post it on for playback. There will be no registration required.
    2) The Eclipse Foundation is the sole sponsor of the webinar. I will look into how we might be able to add this option. We will not be using the registration lists for future mailing.

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