The Importance of Technical Articles

I think publishing articles is one of the most effective way of getting the word out about Eclipse. If marketing is about having conversations, then articles are a good way to start that conversation.

For example, Lawrence Mandel and Jeff Liu recently published an Eclipse Web Tools article on the O’Reilly ONJava site. I thought it would be an interesting experiment, although completely unscientific, to track where this article got mentioned.

There were the usual suspects, like the WTP home page, home page. But it also got mentioned on EclipseZone and some Eclipse friendly blogs. Then there were a number of other sites (here) , and blogs (here, here, here, here) (including non-English blogs) that I don’t regularly follow.

Although most of these sites just linked to the original article, they do introduce Eclipse Web Tools to their readers. It did not require any additional effort from the WTP team, Lawrence, Jeff or myself. A good example of starting the conversation…..

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