Guidelines for Press Releases from Eclipse

When should Eclipse issue a press release and when should we not? As the number of members and projects grows at Eclipse, I am increasingly asked about issuing press releases. Therefore, I thought it would be useful to develop a set of guidelines that the entire community understands and supports. Your feedback is certainly appreciated.

In my opinion, fewer press releases is better. Too many press releases and you over saturate the press. Also, press releases do not replace good communication from each projects direct to their users and community. The success of Eclipse has been built on developers talking to developers. Nothing will replace that.

However, we do need to balance the fact that having new companies like IONA or Nokia join Eclipse is pretty significant news for Eclipse and these companies. Or the news about Eclipse 3.1 is important to communicate as widely as possible.

Let me know what you think. Send me an e-mail ( or leave a comment. I plan to finalize these guidelines by the end of September.

One Response to Guidelines for Press Releases from Eclipse

  1. a couple of ways to look at it.

    press releases are replacing journalists in many cases which means press releases are needed to feed the media machine. i suggest you check out the “news stories” about IBM z9

    but if you want smarter conversations then probably worth limiting.

    there is nothing to stop community members putting out releases is there?

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