Upcoming CDT Press Release

We are planning to issue a press release next Monday announcing the new CDT 3.0 release. Btw, the download is already available.

The CDT team has done a ton of work on the parser and build system, making it a lot easier to integrate into other products. Congratulations to the team on the new release.

Below is a draft of the release. Any feedback or comments are certainly appreciated.

Eclipse Foundation Announces CDT 3.0

New Generation of Widely Adopted Eclipse CDT Project Now Available

OTTAWA, August 22, 2005 — The Eclipse Foundation, an open source community committed to implementation of a universal development platform, today announced the next generation of the widely adopted Eclipse CDT platform, a platform for building C/C++ development tools. Developed under the leadership of QNX Software, CDT 3.0 delivers improved scalability, performance, and extensibility to developers targeting embedded systems and Linux environments. CDT has been adopted as the C/C++ tools platform for major embedded and Linux vendors, including IBM, Intel, MontaVista, Novell SUSE, PalmSource, QNX, Tensilica, Texas Instruments, and Timesys.

“The scalability, performance, and extensibility of CDT 3.0 are cornerstone achievements for the Eclipse community,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director of the Eclipse Foundation. “Having a powerful platform for building C/C++ tools that is widely used and adopted is an important component of Eclipse’s strategy for providing a universal development platform for tools integration.”

“The new features of CDT 3.0 create an enhanced platform for C/C++ development,” said Sebastien Marineau, director, OS Development Group, QNX Software Systems, and the CDT project leader. “Now, CDT 3.0 brings open source software development to a new level of integration and provides a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality platform for the development of highly integrated tools.”

The CDT Project provides a functional and extensible C and C++ integrated development environment (IDE) for the Eclipse platform. The new CDT 3.0 features include:

• Faster Parsing––The C/C++ parser has improved performance and speed, resulting in faster and more accurate searches.
• DOM Based Language Backend––The upgrade includes a more powerful language model in the form of a DOM (document object model), making everything from the C/C++ outliner to searching and refactoring more accessible to plug-in developers.
• Indexer Selection––Source indexers are now pluggable components, allowing users to select from no indexing, CTags utility-based indexing, and CDT parser-based indexing.
• Enhanced Managed Build System Configuration––CDT 3.0 improves the experience and workflow for developers and integrators. It offers full control over the output artifact and extension, pre- and post-build command execution, and per-project and configuration environment variable settings.
• Build Environment Control––CDT 3.0 allows developers to fully configure environmental variables when launching external build commands. The settings are configurable through the standard make and managed build C/C++ project properties, or can be set when creating new projects from the new C/C++ project wizard.
• Increased Support for Tool Integrators––The CDT 3.0 managed build system delivers better support for those who extend CDT, including ISVs and OEMS.

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