Promoting Eclipse C/C++ to Linux and Embedded Developers

We would like to raise the awareness of Eclipse with Linux and Embedded Developers. Lots of people know of Eclipse as being a great platform for Java development tools. Eclipse also has a great C/C++ IDE which is being used by lots of companies as the foundation for their Linux and/or embedded developer tools. The list includes QNX, Red Hat, Novell SUSE, Monta Vista, TimeSys, Intel, etc.

NOTE: Unfortunately I am sure I have missed someone. If I have please send me a link and I will update my posting.

The good news is that CDT project is planning their 3.0 release for the middle of August. We are planning to do a press release announcing the new release on August 2, the week before Linux World. I’d love to hear people’s comments or suggestion on what are the cool new features in CDT.

4 thoughts on “Promoting Eclipse C/C++ to Linux and Embedded Developers

  1. There are actually a number of other companies like Wind River and Accelerated Technology that are big into Eclipse and embedded but are not using CDT. Wind River has built their Workbench product ontop of the Eclipse Platform but, for now, do not include CDT.

  2. CDT looks really good. I already use eclipse for all my Java coding. However, the C/C++ editor does not provide a good code formatter similar to the Java one. Till that I’ll stick with my old rusty emacs.

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