JavaOne announcements

Day 1 at JavaOne was a lot of fun. The Eclipse booth was busy and we gave away a lot of T-shirts. In good fun, we even had Roumen Strobl from the NetBean’s team come by to collect his Eclipse T-shirt. I am sure he will wear it proudly back in Prague.

What was really nice is the number of people that came up and said ‘Thank you for such a great IDE.’ I wish all the people that worked on making Eclipse a great tool could hear such praise.

There has also been a wealth of Eclipse related announcements. We are trying to list most of the announcements on the home page.

It is great to see Compuware announce their plans to base OptimaJ on Eclipse. For those that might not know, OptimaJ had been built on NetBeans. 🙂 Sybase is also getting a lot of attention for their new Workplace product. It is also cool to see an Eclipse plug-in for developing software on digital pay TV set-top boxes.