Key messages for June press releases

I am starting to write the press releases and analyst briefing materials for our June launch. We have decided to focus on two press releases:

  1. The fact that Eclipse is more than just a Java IDE and will be shipping 9 projects in the June/July timeframe
  2. Eclipse RCP is here now and people are building rich client applications with it.

In the first press release ‘Eclipse is shipping more than just a Java IDE’ I would like to highlight some of the key features for each project. Ideally, these should be the top 3-5 cool things about the release. Below is what I have so far. It would be great to get comments and improvements from the community. I still need to get content for EMF, GEF, UML2 and AspectJ.

Eclipse Platform 3.1
– Support for JDK 1.5
– Significant performance improvements
– Better tools for building RCP applications
– Tighter integration with ANT and an ANT debugger.

Web Tools Project 1.0
– J2EE tools supported by the leading J2EE server vendors BEA, IBM, JBoss, ObjectWeb and others
– Creation and validation tools for web services

Test and Performance Platform Project 4.0
– Significant improvement in support for JUnit
– Integration with requirement and defect tracking management tools
– Usability improvements to tools, documentation and tutorials

Visual Editor 1.1
– Support for building RCP applications.

4 thoughts on “Key messages for June press releases

  1. Ian, I think you want to talk about the support for J2SE 5.0 instead of JDK 1.5 so that it is clear that we don’t use the JDK1.5 in JDT, but that we have our own implemtation.

  2. I think its a shame that what should be core functionality is considered seprate projects.
    Web tools, Test and performance and Visual Editior should all be part of the core eclipse distribution.

    The above at just features. I think it is confusing to be talking about all these features as seperate projects.
    Think of a product like RAD, they don’t talk about all these seperate (internal) projects, they talk about a product with features.

    IMMHO there is just
    Eclipse RCP

    thats it.

  3. You should mention that Web Tools WST subproject includes support for non-J2EE features such as editing HTML, XML, CSS, DTD, and JavaScript files (as addition to JSP from the JST subproject).

  4. Refux,

    I agree it would be nice to include a lot of the new projects in the core distribution. However, given the current state of our project structure I think we need to point people in the right direction, so they know what components to download.

    One reason I wanted to do one umbrella press release, instead of individual project press releases, is to communicate a message that all of these ‘features’ do work together and are part of Eclipse.

    I know it is not perfect but I hope moving in the right direction.

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